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The Buzz Feiten Tuning System solves tuning and intonation problems with 2 simple steps:

1. Shelf Nut

Our exclusive Buzz Feiten Tuning System® (BFTS) Shelf Nut moves the strings closer to the first fret according to our Patented Formula. This eliminates sharp notes at the first three frets.

Buzz Feiten Tuning System Shelf Nut 

BFTS Shelf Nut Top View

Top View : Each Shelf Nut is precision machined from high quality bone for superb tonal response. Our Lightning Bolt Logo is machined into the top of each Shelf Nut for authenticity.

BFTS Shelf Nut Side View

Side View : The strings are moved closer to the first fret a precise distance based on the scale length, fret width and string gauge of your guitar. The slight overhang of our nut (the 'Shelf') does this without altering your guitar in any way. So it's even fine for vintage guitars.


2. Intonation

Your guitar's bridge is adjusted according to our Patented Pitch Offsets, creating balanced intonation over the entire fingerboard - every fret - every string.


Your Bridge Is Adjusted to BFTS Pitch Offsets



Retrofit your guitar or bass with the Buzz Feiten Tuning System More than 700 BFTS
Authorized Retrofitters are trained and certified to Retrofit your guitar or bass.

Guitars Retrofitted with BFTS

  • Play in tune from the first fret to the last

  • Our exclusive Shelf Nut is made from the highest quality bone for superb tone

  • Your original bridge is used so your action and tone are unchanged

  • Tune by ear or with ANY electronic tuner of your choice

  • Korg and Peterson Tuners with BFTS Mode offer fast and accurate tuning

  • Our Non-invasive Retrofit does not change your guitar in any way

  • Works perfectly with alternate tunings, capos, zero frets, locking or roller nuts and tremolo systems

  • Every Retrofit includes our Shelf Nut with Lightning Bolt Logo and a Serial Numbered Authorization Sticker for authenticity.


Tuning with an Electronic Tuner

Electric guitars

  1. Tune slowly and carefully. A little more time now will mean more playing enjoyment later.

  2. When using the Korg DT-7 tuner, use a medium attack with your picking hand, center the green "in tune" light for approximately 1.5 seconds, then it should drift slowly flat (to the left).

    If you use this method, when you play hard with other instruments, your guitar will sound sharp. (Be especially alert to the G string... that string has a tendency to "spike" sharper than the other strings, because it has lower tension.)

    The Korg DT-7 automatically senses the string you are playing, allowing you to accurately tune to the precise pitch for each string.

    The Korg DT-7 is the fastest, most accurate and most reliable way to tune your guitar, and, because of its exclusive BFTS intonation mode, allows you to check intonation on your Feitenized guitar.

  3. If you use a tuner other than the Korg DT-7, you can simply tune to all "E's" i.e.






    5th fret



    9th fret



    14th fret



    7th fret



    Open, 5th fret Harmonic

    You can also use this method to tune by ear, using the Open E string (1st) as your reference string.

Acoustic guitars

If you use a Korg DT-7, set the switch to "Acoustic" and follow the same guidelines described above.

If you use a different tuner, you can also tune using the "All E's" method described above.

12 Strings

Tune the 2nd string of each "pair" of strings using the methods described above.

To tune the 1st string of each pair (octave), use the following methods:

a) Using an electronic tuner: Tune normally.

b) Using a Korg D-T-7: Set the rear slider switch to "Chromatic", and tune normally.


The KORG DT7 Tuner

This tuner comes highly recommended by J White Guitar Workshops and Buzz Feiten for normal Guitar Tuning and Buzz Feiten Tuning Systems


∑ Two types of tuning mode can be selected: chromatic (for tuning normally tuned instruments)
  or Buzz Feiten.

∑ Large LED-type meter and seven-segment note display ensure optimal visibility, making this
  the perfect choice for any guitarist or bassist.

∑ Wide tuning range [A0 (27.50 Hz) to B7 (3,951.07 Hz)], allows tuning of a wide variety of
  instruments including five and six-string basses.

∑ Compact, easy-to-view design, stable even when placed on an amp.

∑ Buffer amp between the INPUT jack and BYPASS jack eliminates any tonal coloration.      



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