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Custom Built Guitars

Would you like something specially built? - no problem! We often get requests to create something bespoke for a customer, and occasionally we may invent something unique of our own. Our guitars are lovingly crafted by hand using personally selected high quality tone woods. Everything from start to finish is created and finished by us. All of our guitars are made to order.

We will sit down with you on a one to one basis over a cuppa or two and discuss your requirements. It may be a guitar that you saw many years ago but don't know what it is, or maybe its a design of your own. Whatever it is, we can make it for you!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiries.


Below are a couple of examples of the projects we have undertaken.......


The 'Cuban Tres'

This guitar was a very special request by a special customer of ours (all the best Patrick!)

The Cuban Tres is said to have originated in the Oriente province among Cuban rural farmers called guajiros. They were influenced by Spanish songs but mixed these styles with African elements resulting in the "Son" style. New York Salsa music and Latin Jazz grew out of the Son style, incorporating clave rhythms and the instrumentation of Son conjuntos.




'Cloud 9'

Joe made this a few years back for a very good customer who wanted a versatile instrument, that could be anything up to a 10 string instrument.

If you look closely you can see that the nut and the saddle had to be uniquely designed to accommodate various numbers of strings. ( Threaded Rod ! - Genius ! )

When the instrument was being made the customer was amazed and said that he was on 'cloud 9' - so the name stuck.





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