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*** Lollar Pickups are sold on a supply and fit basis only. ***

Jason Lollar has been a professional luthier since graduating from Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in Phoenix, Arizona in 1975. However, his interests and expertise go well beyond building guitars. In addition to designing and producing extraordinary guitars, Jason is a noted authority on nearly everything related to electric pickups.



We think they sound absolutely awesome!! If you want that smooth mellow warm sound or want
something that will bite you if you get too close... Lollar has it all !!

We charge 20 per pickup to fit + the UK RRP price of the pickup, please contact us for further information.

We keep good levels of stock... but if we dont have what you want, we will do our best to get it for you !


Measuring Neck Relief.
Pro Set-Ups - from 80
Including Fret Dress!
Great Value for Money!



Buzz Feiten Tuning System



Stetsbar Professional Tremolo Systems




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