We have put various measures in place to keep social distancing. 

We do have a long list of people who's appointments have been postponed as a result of the lockdown,
so we aim to contact those people as priority before we can tend to 'new' enquiries.
Those who have had to cancel can call us to reschedule if you wish.

We must stress that since our reopening we have quite a backlog of work to get through before
we can get back to any sense of normality or routine so please bear with us.

We look forward to welcoming you all back to our workshop soon.

If  you can dream it, we can build it!

Here is a video featuring Joe, giving you a little glimpse of our workshop and what we do.

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If the action on your guitar is too high, you have an annoying fret buzz, your guitar keeps going out of tune, or you just feel your guitar needs a bit of tlc, it will probably benefit from our professional setup service.

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Please have a browse around our shop where we sell strings, tuners, aged cases, our very popular 'Handystand' and our very own handmade guitars. 

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