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Pro Set-Ups
from £100
Including Fret Dress!
Great Value for Money!

Stetsbar is the modern, professional, linear tremolo system that retro fits to stop tail, hard-tail Tele and Strat style guitars without any modifications. With its hi-tec micro roller bearings Stetsbar provides unrivalled pitch range and stability for its class coupled with a smooth up and down action. 

With a straight forward, rapid fit to guitars like the Gibson Les Paul, ES 335, Flying V and Fender Telecaster, the Stetsbar is the trem of choice for professional and amateur guitarists worldwide and - with the OEM version - for guitar builders who need the best. 

Built to Last
Each Stetsbar is machined to exacting standards. The close tolerances and finishing processes ensure a smooth and precise action.

Range and Motion
Many vibratos offer only a limited range and down motion. The Stetsbar, gives you a wide range of pitch in both directions so you can better tailor your performance to your personal style. A "slide sound" can even be obtained without a slide. It's that smooth.

Floating Bridge
The Tune-o-Matic floating bridge moves with the strings. This innovative feature minimizes string fatigue and bridge wear. The entire bridge assembly floats on micro-bearings for the smoothest and most reliable vibrato action available. Most importantly, once your guitar is tuned and set correctly, the vibrato will hold that intonation - even after the most extreme action.

Split Action - the "Floating Lock"
The latest Pro II development splits the pitch movement of the Stetsbar into seperate up and down actions. This enables the Stetsbar to handle string breaks without detuning, support alternative drop tunings and manage higher string guages.

Surface Mount Retro-fit
Installing the retrofit versions of the Stetsbar is easy and requires no modification to your guitar. The Stop-Tail version uses the familiar "Gibson-style" mounts of your guitars' stop-tail piece and you won't need special mounting tools. The Hard-Tail mounts directly to the existing 5 screw holes in your guitar. 

The Stratocaster style version clamps into the existing trem cavity. The Telecaster version fits directly to the existing screw holes of the "ashtray" bridge. A neck shim does have to be fitted so it is a slightly more involved fit than the Stop Tail version.

Available in gold, nickel, chrome and black finishes, now is the time to experience the difference that Stetsbar will bring to your guitar!

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