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We have had a lot of customers over the years who have required repairs or wanted respray's, but did not want to lose the authentic look of their old relic. Some people spend a lot of money on a brand new guitar and they just don't like the 'new look' that it has or they want something more original looking.

We are able to offer many different types and levels of ageing depending on the customers requirements such as... Nitrocellulose cracking, dents, scratches, wear marks, discolouration of plastics, fingerboard wear.... anything! (Sorry we no longer offer resprays - eg. colour change).

Fender Stratocaster

Click on the picture below to see an example of some major ageing of a guitar (Fender Stratocaster) after a complete respray, new scratch plate and pickup covers. Everything you see in the picture is new!

Click on the image below to magnify

Fender Broadcaster

The guitar below is a creation of Joe's. He has wanted to make one of these for a while (Fender Broadcaster). Again, everything you see below in new. Joe has aged the guitar to make it look like it was from the period.


Click on the images below for a larger view

Gibson Firebird

Below is a 2013 model of a Gibson Firebird (new from factory in the US). Our Customer wanted a respray and some heavy ageing.

Click on the images below for a larger view



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