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Including Fret Dress!
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A popular service we offer at J. White Guitar Workshops is refrets. After playing your guitar for a while, the frets will often wear and playability of your guitar will deteriorate and will be less enjoyable. Your frets can always be levelled, crowned and polished to make them like new again, but after playing your guitar a lot, the height of your frets will become lower to the point where they physically cannot be levelled and recrowned anymore, or the height of your frets become too low to suit your playing style. This is where we would recommend having your guitar refretted which is a necessary part of your guitar’s maintenance.

There are two options for a refret….either a standard refret which would be 'nickel' and wears at a normal rate in time which you are probably all aware of. Or the other option is stainless steel, this is a much harder material and the time it takes to wear is considerably slower than nickel (lasts approx 10-20x longer). So if you can afford to do it, we would definitely recommend this option!

Once the refret on your guitar is completed, your guitar will also need to be setup because you now how new frets on your guitar which have a different fret height, the strings relationship to the frets will now be totally different so we will make a few necessary adjustments including cutting the nut, changing the action, adjusting the amount of relief in the neck, re-radiusing the saddles (where possible), and adjusting the intonation (where possible).

Your guitar will also require a new set of strings as the old strings will have to be removed before the refretting process starts.

Our costs for refrets are as follows:

£300 Standard Nickel, (plus setup cost £100-£110)

£350 Stainless Steel (lasts approx 10-20x longer than standard nickel), (plus setup cost £100-£110)

Plus a set of strings (price varies).

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