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Just a short note to update you on the progress of my 'EGS'. Well, she continues to astonish me! Not only stunning to look at, but incredible to play! And the sound... a little gain on the tube amp and she sings. I could not be happier with it, you totally exceeded all my expectations. One other thing to note - I think this is the most responsive guitar I have played. Changes in pick position, attack, finger vibrato etc, are all translated perfectly. I have said it before Joe, but I think your passion is somehow infused into your instruments. This is a guitar built by someone who loves what he does, and cares about the quality of his work. I think I've left behind the PRS's, Gibsons and Fenders now. The only problem I can see is convincing the girlfriend that I need a back-up J. White electric (with P90's I was thinking!) and that Austrian Blackwood acoustic!! Although, even she was impressed when EG5 came out the case! Thank you so much Joe - You've built not only a beautiful looking guitar, but a fantastic sounding and playing musical instrument. It was a pleasure dealing with you.

David                                                                                                                                 BACK

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