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What can I say....? Your craftsmanship is unparalleled and your design is perfect. When Dad presented me with the 'Purple Beauty' a few weeks back I was genuinely speechless. This has to be the most beautiful guitar ever made, and the fact that I now own it is beyond belief! I am truly honored to know the master craftsman himself! A simple 'thanks' does not do this guitar justice. In fact, you and Dad have done the job too well in that I am almost afraid to play it! You have interpreted the needs of the guitarist as well as any great guitar company, but with the added personal touch that simply cannot be found anywhere else. This guitar belongs in a glass cabinet, but is just too irresistible to put down. I have never owned a new guitar that feels as though it has already been 'played in' for a couple of years - you have perfected the 'feel' of your instruments which avoids that whole breaking-in period which I detest in a new instrument. Thanks again.


Jamo                                                                                                                                  BACK

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