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Reference (My EG2). I have two disappointments associated with this guitar. For the past 22 years I have been so engrossed in guitars, looking through the magazines, going to many guitar shops and looking at and trying out hundreds of guitars which resulted in me buying/selling/part exchanging many (40 now), all in search for my “Holy Grail” – looking for that ‘one’ guitar that I will keep and play until the day I go to ‘that big jam in the sky!’. This has filled my life with a burning desire, interest and passion.

My first problem is… Now I have taken delivery of my guitar you built for me, I don’t know what I’m going to do now. How am I going to fill my life from now on? You see – this guitar is perfect and it really is ‘MY HOLY GRAIL’. I can’t stop looking at her and more importantly, I can’t stop playing her. Once you find your Holy Grail, nothing else can ever live up to it!

The second disappointment was that the ‘A’ string was slightly out of tune! In other words Joe – I can not fault it!!! Seriously, thank you so much! From when we first discussed you building her for me, you have always shown such patience and attention to my requirements and thoughts, which has meant everything to me. The way you let me select my woods and you always seem to know exactly what I like. The main thing that you have shown me is not just your extreme attention to quality and detail, but first and foremost YOU have to be totally happy with the guitar, and then my total happiness and satisfaction is the most important thing to you. Even down to you taking a photographic history for me of her birth from lumps of wood, to the finished guitar, that is so lovely to have.

This all combines to the finished guitar. It really is perfection in every aspect. But it’s not a matter of your guitars having beautiful looking high quality woods with outstanding craftsmanship and build quality to match any guitar builder – No!, its more than that. Your guitars have ‘soul’, it’s the only way to describe it. Their sound is all their own, they play so wonderfully. I am finding she inspires me and my playing, I really find it almost impossible to put her down (1:30am this morning!!). No other guitar I have owned or played had this ‘soul’. She almost speaks to me. Maybe I have just finally ‘cracked up!’ – but, as you know, I have owned some very expensive guitars from custom shop Strats, to many USA Gibsons, Music man, Hamers and PRS. Not one of them have I found in them the affinity that I have found in your guitar.


Knowing that you are on hand to look after her is so reassuring, as I would never let anyone loose on her except you. That also goes for any guitar I own or may own, although I doubt I will bother to buy any more guitars, and if I do, they will probably be made by you!

I have found that virtually all the sounds I will ever need come from her – that beautiful clean tone to the blues break up, are wonderful. And the coil-split adds so much versatility, and when I turn up the ‘wick’ – boy she ROCKS!!! And as for the colour, well it is absolutely stunning! Everyone who has seen it has expressed that ‘wow!’ factor. 

You have fulfilled a life time’s ambition and dream of mine - there are not many people who can say that they have done that for someone. You have given me a guitar that I will keep and play for the rest of my life. 

You really are a gifted man!

Once again Joe, THANK YOU, for everything. To say I’m happy with her really would be the biggest understatement ever!!

Kindest Regards, Mick                                                                                                            BACK

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