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Lollar El Rayo Humbucker


 8.4k Ohms


9.4k Ohms

This isn't your typical humbucker. So if you think you don't like humbuckers, the El Rayo will change your tune. Tight and punchy with a high end that opens up when pushed, its lows remain fat and well-defined and capable of a meaty growl. It's also clear and articulate and extremely responsive to volume control and subjective picking dynamics so you can capture your own unique sound. And don't be fooled by the DC numbers — the El Rayo has a strong output without the heavy mid-range bump of typical humbuckers. Plus, it has less ohms than the Lollartron, giving you something closer to a single coil tone. That makes it superb for high gain amp playing because it doesn't compress when you beat on it. Instead, you get a pleasing and distinct distortion sound when pushed. Try it in a 335 with a Super Reverb for extra cut. Or mix with a traditional single coil to expand your sonic range. Made with Alnico 5 magnets in the neck and Alnico 8 magnets in the bridge. Covers stocked are generally nickel silver. Sold as singles or as sets, and comes in a wide range of cover options (check to see what we stock, some options may need to be ordered). Single conductor braided shield lead wire and 4 conductor lead wire is available. 

Neck 3.5K, Bridge 4.0K 

Lollar El Rayo Humbucker Pickups
Lollar El Rayo Humbucker Pickups

£330 per set + £40 Fitting

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