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LOLLAR PICKUPS - 'Peter Green' Style Imperial® Humbucker   BACK

Pro Set-Ups
from £100
Including Fret Dress!
Great Value for Money!

*** Lollar Pickups are sold by J. White Guitar Workshops on a supply and fit basis only. ***

Lollar Peter Green Imperial® Humbucker 


 7.3k Ohms


7.9k Ohms

Similar to the Lollar Imperial Low Wind, which is based on lower output PAFs often found in vintage 335s. The Peter Green Imperial Humbucker set has a brighter overall tone than the Lollar Imperial humbuckers. Bottom strings hold together without distorting noticeably longer than most humbuckers. Combine this with an overall "toppier" tone (as compared to the Imperials) and the result gives exceptional definition for any chord voicing and great presence for coming through a mix. Alnico magnets are de-gaussed to specific levels, unique to the neck and bridge positions.

When sold as a set, the Peter Green style humbuckers are built to be out of phase in the middle position. The set evokes the sweetness of tone that Peter Green was known for. While in the middle position you'll want to run the individual volume knobs either up or down to taste, so that the two pickups are not completely out of phase. Typically ordered with single conductor leads.

Neck 7.3K, Bridge 7.9K

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