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LOLLAR PICKUPS - Telecaster Pickups - AlNiCo3 T Series® (Bridge)   BACK

Pro Set-Ups
from £100
Including Fret Dress!
Great Value for Money!

*** Lollar Pickups are sold by J. White Guitar Workshops on a supply and fit basis only. ***

Lollar AlNiCo3 T Series


 7.3k Ohms



The Lollar AlNiCo 3 T series is generally our brightest tele style set. The bridge has a punch and clarity that are excellent for accuracy. Tighter low end and a little less mid-range as compared to other Lollar tele style sets. Features staggered pole pieces, and a classic style string wrap around the coil. Alnico 3 magnets, vintage style cloth covered lead wire. Wax potted. Also available in a flat pole version, also string wrapped.

Bridge 7.3K

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