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Pro Set-Ups
from £100
Including Fret Dress!
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Pickup & Preamp System

Available in a variety of saddle widths and sizes to suit your instrument

£440 Fitted


The Ellipse Aura® combines Fishman’s most sophisticated onboard preamp design with the power of Aura® Acoustic Imaging Technology for exceptional accuracy and true to life sound. Ellipse Aura allows acoustic musicians to easily and accurately reproduce the sound of their instrument as mic'd in a professional studio.

Load up to four Aura Images into this intuitive, discreetly mounted preamp.

The ergonomic soundhole-mounted design puts slider controls at the player’s fingertips to maintain a natural playing position.

The Ellipse Aura features Pickup/Image Blend, Volume and switchable Natural I and Natural II low frequency tone shaping, a Phase Switch and automatic Anti-Feedback control.


State-of-the-art onboard preamp featuring Fishman’s Aura Acoustic Imaging Technology

Up to four Aura Images can be downloaded from Fishman’s Aura Image Gallery software (included)

Ergonomic soundhole-mounted design puts slider controls at your fingertips
to maintain a natural playing position

Features the world’s best selling undersaddle pickup, the Acoustic Matrix

Automatic anti-feedback

Pickup/Image Blend control

Volume control

Phase switch (feedback control)

Low battery indicator

Unique patent-pending neodymium magnetic mounting system for easy, solder-free installation

Solder-free connections

Switchable low frequency tone-shaping built into preamp

Pickup available in wide, narrow or split formats

Professional installation recommended



Wide format: 1/8" (3.2mm) width

Narrow format: 3/32" (2.3mm) width

Pickup length: Standard pickup length of 2.65" (67.3mm) will fit most guitars with 2.5" (63.5mm) string spaces

Soundhole: Accommodates most round soundholes from 3-7/8" (98mm) to 4-1/8" (105mm) in diameter

Battery: 9-Volt

Battery Life: 33 hours


Use the Blend slider to adjust the balance between the pickup and the Image. You’ll attain a more microphone-like sound by favouring the Image. Note that it is often practical to blend in a higher percentage of the pickup in live situations, especially when you desire a more focused amplified tone.


Use the Phase switch to improve bass response at low volume and suppress feedback at high volume. Push the Phase switch in and out and leave it in the position most pleasing to your ear. If feedback occurs, push the switch again.


For the cleanest noise-free sound, set the volume as high as possible without causing your amp or mixer to distort.


The Ellipse Aura is equipped with an automatic search-and-destroy notch filter. To engage the feature, turn the Volume down and move the Anti-Feedback switch left (On position). Hold the Measure button for a few seconds. The Battery LED will begin to fl ash. Turn up the Volume, then either dampen the strings while tapping the body or play the troublesome note until feedback begins. The filter will latch onto the feedback, eliminate it after a few seconds and hold the setting in memory until you push the Measure button again.

If you plan to record with the Ellipse Aura, we recommend you turn off the Anti-Feedback to fill out the natural low-end response of the guitar.

Image Switch
Select one of the four Images you’ve uploaded from the Aura Gallery (see accompanying cd for these). Note that to experience the benefits of Aura, you must first upload Images into the preamp.


Voicing Switch
This switch selects how the pickup is voiced. Move the Voicing Switch to the left for bass boost and to the right for a flat response. Choose the setting that works for your instrument and your performance requirements. Here are some guidelines....

The boosted bass voicing (switch to left) compliments solo guitarists and singers who accompany themselves, especially with smaller instruments.

The flat voicing (switch to right) cuts through the mix if you play in a band. It does a good job controlling boominess and low frequency feedback onstage, especially with full-size guitars.

Battery Replacement
When the Battery LED lights steadily, it is time to change the battery. To replace the battery, remove the fabric bag inside the guitar. We recommend a lithium type for extended battery life. You can expect up to 66 hours from a lithium battery and 33 hours from an alkaline battery.

If you ship your guitar, we recommend you remove the battery as a precaution. Although unlikely, it is possible for the battery to jar loose inside the instrument during shipment.

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