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Pro Set-Ups
from £100
Including Fret Dress!
Great Value for Money!


Pickup & Preamp System

Available in a variety of saddle widths and sizes to suit your instrument

£379 Fitted

Tweaked to perform even better with modern acoustic guitar amplifiers, the Matrix Infinity Mic Blend pickup and preamp system also adds a multi-position cardioid condenser mic capsule for increased “air” and tactile tone. Clear, transparent Fishman-Quality tone and dynamic string response have been combined with numerous new design features and performance enhancements.


A redesigned, sealed enclosure for the soundhole-mounted Volume and Tone control module allow players to effortlessly make adjustments to their sound. The addition of a Blend control module on the treble side of the soundhole puts microphone blending at your fingertips.


The preamp’s voicing switch has been relocated and made easily accessible so players can accommodate different types of guitars, amplification choices, playing styles and performance situations.



Features the world’s best selling undersaddle pickup, the Acoustic Matrix®

Endpin jack mounted preamp in a newly designed soft touch housing

Multi-position, soundboard mounted cardioid condenser mic capsule for increased “air” and tactile tone

Redesigned, sealed enclosure for soundhole mounted Volume & Tone controls

Unique scoop Tone control cuts mids while boosting treble and bass

Microphone Blend control module discreetly mounted inside treble side of soundhole

Relocated, accessible voicing switch accommodates all guitar body sizes and performance situations

Stereo/mono output capability built in (option determined by cable choice). Controls maintain same functionality in stereo mode.

Integrated LED low battery indicator located on Blend control module

Includes steel-string and nylon-string control modules

Mounting hardware and chrome strap button (gold available – sold separately)

Solderless connections for easy installation

Pickup available in wide, narrow, split saddle and ukulele formats. Custom lengths available (special order)

Suitable for Nylon, 12-string and bass

Professional installation recommended



Wide format: 1/8" (3.2mm) width

Narrow format: 3/32" (2.3mm) width

Pickup length: Standard pickup length of 2.65" (67.3mm) will fit most guitars with 2.5" (63.5mm) string spacings

Soundhole: Accommodates most round soundholes from 3-7/8" (98mm) to 4-1/8" (105mm)

Battery: 9-Volt

Battery Life: 220 hours


For the cleanest signal, set the Volume knob as high as possible, without causing distortion or feedback.

Move the Blend slider to change the balance between the pickup and the microphone.

Use the Phase switch to improve bass response at low volume and suppress feedback at high volume.

Gooseneck Microphone
This quality electret-condenser cardioid microphone will provide very high-level sound reproduction before feedback when used in conjunction with the unit’s phase switch.

Microphone Position
Position the microphone to find the “sweet spot” inside the instrument. Take the time to experiment with microphone placement until you find the position that works best in your instrument.

Plug in the guitar and move the Blend slider to the left for mic only. Start with the mic capsule so that it faces the back of the guitar. Move the mic closer to the soundhole for more bass. Turn the capsule toward the sides of the instrument for less bass.

Microphone Trim
The microphone and pickup levels are preset at the factory and do not require adjustment. However, a microphone trim control (recessed below the Volume slider) may be adjusted to alter the microphone and pickup balance. Set the Blend slider to the centre position and adjust the trim control as necessary.

Voicing Switch
This switch selects how the pickup is voiced. Move the Voicing Switch towards the Volume slider for bass boost and towards the Blend slider for a fl at response. Choose the setting that works for your instrument and your performance requirements. Here are some guidelines...

The boosted bass voicing (switch towards the Volume slider) compliments solo guitarists and singers who accompany themselves, especially with smaller instruments.

The flat voicing (switch towards the Blend slider) cuts through the mix if you play in a band. It does a good job controlling boominess and low frequency feedback onstage, especially with full-size guitars.

Battery Replacement
When the battery is low you will hear distortion as you play through the Ellipse system. Remove the strings to access the battery inside the guitar. Replace with a fresh 9V alkaline battery.

We recommend that you remove the battery from its bag prior to shipping or airline travel. If loose inside the guitar, the battery may damage the instrument.

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